We are mourning the loss of a former Blackhills FC Player, Austin Kelley


Blackhills FC Families,

Austin Kelley played in Blackhills FC from 1998 – 2008, U12 – U18.   Austin was an outstanding citizen both in the club and community. He exemplified “kindness” as a player, friend,  coach, husband, father, brother and son.  We were fortunate to have his father Philip Kelley coach with Blackhills FC and younger brother Emmett Kelley play as well.  He graduated from Olympia High School in 2008 and went on to have a successful collegiate soccer career at St. Martins University.  He graduated with a degree in engineering. Austin continued playing indoor soccer with the Olympia Artesians and was the assistant coach for the Varsity boys soccer program at Olympia High School. 

Austin was married to Morgan for just over two years and has a 3-month-old daughter, Riann.  Austin touched so many lives with his humble, caring, honest and genuine thoughtfulness.

There will be a celebration for Life for Austin on Sunday, September 25 from 1-3:00pm at St. Martin’s Pavilion. There is a “Give Forward” account if you are able to contribute financially:  https://pages.giveforward.com/other/page-svpfxl/

"As great of a soccer player Austin was, he was an even better person. Austin had presence and personality that people naturally gravitated to. Austin had many incredible moments playing for Blackhills.  It was inspirational seeing Austin grow into a great man, husband and father.   It was not a coincidence the success that Austin experienced throughout his life, it wasn’t luck or happenstance.  Austin exemplified everything that a coach or parent would want their own children to shadow.  Austin will be missed and he certainly left his mark on my family and the greater Olympia community.”  

Matt Jones, BFC Head Coach who coached Austin

"I had the privilege to coach Austin for four years when he was younger, from U13 thru U16. Austin was also an employee of mine at Wembley Soccer Shop while he was in high school and college. However, I had the greater privilege of knowing Austin away from soccer, being close to his family and able to watch him grow as a person into the incredible young man that he is.

It was a honor to be a part of his life. Austin brought so much more to the table than I ever could, and knowing him made me a better person, better father, better husband and better coach. You could have not asked for a more kinder, gentler, noble person with a compassionate soul. Even more, he was a fierce competitor who stood for what was right and good in this world and made the players around him better. He was a true warrior and leader in every sense of the word.

We, as a community, need to honor Austin's legacy by finding a way to make the world a better place, not just for us and our comforts, but for the benefit of others, the underprivileged and the less fortunate. Austin was, is and always will be a special person in my life and I will truly miss him.”    

BFC Head Coach Kurt Gress

“It was a joy coaching Austin.  He simply enjoyed playing soccer. He cared about all people.  Austin was a coach’s favorite player:  honest, humble, respectful, hard-working, happy, a leader and an inspirational teammate.  We are all deeply saddened for the Kelley Family.  Austin had a tremendous impact on the lives of the people who met and knew him.  He was loved by many.”  

James Charette, BFC Technical Director

"Austin played just like he lived and conducted his life: ever-steady, proficient in many things and skilled at leading those around him to be their best. As coaches we talk to our players about being good and being accountable. Austin's career at Saint Martin's embodied this ideal and we all remember him for his work as a Saint and how he succeeded after he graduated.  

Rob Walker, St. Martins University Mens and Women’s Soccer Head Coach

"You hope your children grow up to have Austin’s character.” 

Kyle Jones, BFC Head Coach

“The nicest soccer player that I have ever been around.  He was dedicated to his family, school and teammates.  It was truly an honor to be part of a team that Austin played.  He made everyone around him better on and off the field.  A true class act from day one.”  

Tom Dutra, Seattle Sounders FC GK Coach and former ST. Martins University Mens Soccer Coaching Staff

"My life is better because Austin was my friend.  He was the most selfless, compassionate, and genuine person I have ever met.  Even on his wedding day, which also happened to be my birthday, he was thoughtful enough to bring an ice cream cake especially for me at his reception.  When I moved back into town, he took a day off of work to help me move, when I never even asked for help.  These are just a few of countless examples that represented the man that Austin was.  If I have a son, I want him to be just like Austin Kelley.  Austin will be missed, but he will never be forgotten.”  

Trenton Fluetsch, BFC and OHS Teammate