G01 Team Assignments

Girls 2001


Below are links to help improve soccer touch, skills, and fitness. 


1.  Instagram: @beastmodesoccer

30 days of accountability sign up at Beast Mode Soccer’s website at https://beastmodesoccer.com/idp/. Starts Tuesday, April 14 at 4 p.m. PST and then every day for 30 days.


2. Wall Drills

There are a lot of wall drills out there. I like Yael Averbuch (she was a defender for Seattle Reign).






3.  To play soccer well, you need to be fit.

              A. Run 1-2 miles 2/3 times a week

              B. 20 yd and 40 yd shuttle runs. Time yourself for first shuttle run and then try to make every shuttle run just as fast.This is a great way to keep your soccer fitness. Try to do 10 sets of each. 


4.  Give back/ Acts of Kindness

Please share what you have done or continue to do to help friends, neighbors, the elderly, or anyone. Love for our team to keep spreading kindness to others especially during this difficult time.


Coach Kathleen