Player Development

Player Development training without being rostered to Blackhills FC


The purpose of this program is to help players develop. This gives all non-Blackhills FC players the opportunity to train in the Blackhills program while continuing to play with their current non-Blackhills team.


Participation is open to any youth soccer player who:

Is currently registered to play on a Washington State Youth Soccer team, other than a Blackhills FC team.

Is of the appropriate age to benefit from the training. Because young children develop at different rates, Blackhills FC reserves the right to turn away players under 9 years of age who, in the opinion of the coaching staff, are too young to benefit from our training.


Player Development program players will train with their developmentally appropriate Blackhills FC team during Blackhills FC practice times. A player may attend up to three BFC practices a week.

If more than six players sign up for any age group, Blackhills FC will assign an assistant coach to train those players.


Fees will be charged monthly. Fees will be charged one month at a time payable in advance. No refunds will be given, nor will partial month payments be accepted.

Training Fee Schedule:

U12 and younger - $75 per month

U13-U18 - $100 per month

Registration Opens on the 1st of every month 

Click Here To Register 

Contact: Kyle Jones or James Charette for more information