Virtual Soccer and Juggling Challenges

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Virtual Soccer and Juggling Challenges

During this time, we are all graually adapting to a new way of learning and self-development. To help Blackhills FC (BFC) players stay connected and active, BFC is providing a virtual soccer classroom to support players in their skill development, active lifestyle; and to to stay connected to the game, teammates and the Club. BFC coaches have either created a Google Classroom for their team(s) or corresponding with them via email. Players and thier parents are encouraged to contact their head coach for their Google Classroom code.

This digital platform will evolve with new learning opportunities, but will come with some challenges providing an opportunity for players to take initiative and be responsible for some of their individual development and performance.

If you have an idea for a soccer challenge, webinar or podcast please send an email to

REMEMBER: Always include (c.c.) another adult when sending electronic messages to Blackhills FC coaches or administrators/staff.


Red Bull Training Program Technical Videos:

Former Player Maddy M.:

Former Player Brandon “CA” M.:


Juggling Challenges:

Juggle Across America Challenge

Juggle Across Europe